“It’s time to try something new”: Joe Tynon accepts coaching position at Fremont High School

“It’s time to try something new”: Joe Tynon accepts coaching position at Fremont High School
Former Lourdes Central Catholic Assistant Coach Adam Vogt (left) and Head Coach Joe Tynon (right). Vogt is the boys basketball coach at Louisville. Tynon agreed to become Fremont's new coach last week. (World-Herald News Service)

NEBRASKA CITY – Joe Tynon, who has been the head coach for the Lourdes Central Catholic boys basketball team since 2006, announced on May 13 he has agreed to become the new coach at Fremont High School.

Tynon led the Knights to over 200 wins in 13 years, just three losing seasons, five state tournament appearances (four-straight), and three consecutive Class D1 state championships from 2016 to 2018.

His 2018-2019 team won just eight games, but still qualified for the state tournament. The least amount of wins he had in one season was seven in 2010-2011.

While getting the opportunity to coach in Class A – the highest level in high school sports in Nebraska – was a “very attractive piece” for Tynon, he says the challenge of facing Omaha and Lincoln teams, the ability to build a program from kindergarten on up through high school, and the excitement for basketball in Fremont were all big draws.

“I don’t think it’s just a Class A job that I was interested in, but I think the fact that Fremont gives you the kind of ability to do the same things that we’ve been doing here at Lourdes with building the program. It’s one of the few Class A programs that have the elementary school right there.”

The first step at the new job for Tynon will be scheduling summer games, camps for high school and youth players, and building a foundation on what’s expected of his new players.

He will teach physical education beginning this fall.

Tynon, his wife Kristin and their two kids are excited about the move, but saddened about the people they’re leaving behind. An emotional Tynon says Lourdes developed him into the person he is today and gave him a chance to grow as a coach, teacher and administrator.

“They’ve seen me grow as a person from the day I started in 2006 to where I am now. They’ve welcomed two of my kids into the Lourdes family, developed, shaped and loved them. Those are just some good memories. I guess those are the good memories that come with being at Lourdes and it’ll be one place that we’ll always have in our heart and miss greatly.”

Kristin is originally from Fremont and graduated from Archbishop Bergan. They’re kids are in third grade and kindergarten.

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