Inmate Attacked When Cell Doors Unexpectedly Open

TECUMSEH – Investigators are trying to learn why the cell doors unexpectedly opened Friday on a 16-cell housing gallery at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.

The Department of Correctional Services reports that the doors to a single-person, restrictive housing area opened in error just before 10 a.m.

A press release says inmates were directed to remain inside of their cells, but came out into the gallery and refused to return to their cells.

One or more inmates assaulted another inmate, who suffered serious injuries.   The injured inmate was removed from the gallery and received medical treatment.

Another inmate sustained less serious injuries. The press release said  the cause of the injuries have not been determined.

Staff members utilized chemical agents to clear the gallery and force inmates to return to  their cells.

The inmates refused and continued to resist, starting a fire in a cell.

The Tecumseh Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire, which was contained to one cell.

The corrections emergency response team (CERT) was activated and prepared to enter the gallery, however, the incident resolved with the inmates complying with staff directives.

No staff members were injured. One staff member sought medical attention for possible smoke exposure.