Falls City Displays “Charlie Heart” At Boy’s Passing

We truly feel their ache

- Jones

FALLS CITY – The Falls City community is responding to the loss of two-year-old Charlie Hill  with Charlie heart posters.

The son of Steve and Christy Hill was awaiting a multivisceral transplant prior to his death and his family says, despite all his ailments, he maintained a joyful outlook on life.

Falls City Sacred Heart recently held a “blue jeans” day in support of the boy and Celeste Jones said many were touched by his family’s story and his life.

Jones: “We all felt like we wanted to do something to help them through this, the loss of their child, so we decided to make signs and put them around town to let them know that we truly feel their ache and also support the family.”

Charlie Heart posters were found on church windows, pharmacy counters and even drawn in cups on the elementary school fence.

Carla Rhodd of Falls City said the outpouring of love from the community is amazing.

Rhodd: “It was such a heart-wrenching thing that happened to his family. And it was just absolutely amazing to see the love and support from the businesses, you know, from the community. It still gives me goose bumps, this whole situation, and I feel for the family very much.”

The family has been living in Florida, where Charlie received medical treatment, but Jones said the community followed his story on Facebook like he was a home-town son.

Jones:  “It  shows a lot about our community, that we are all here for each other and that we can help each other through the pain of this. Although we can’t take it away, we can at least be there to support them.”

Funeral services for Charlie are scheduled Tuesday in Falls City.