Construction Worker Suspected of Counterfeit $20s

SYRACUSE – The Otoe County Sheriff’s Office suspects it has found a source of counterfeit bills in the Syracuse area, but urges retailers to stay on the lookout for fake bills.

40-year-old Stanley Bindas of Omaha is charged with possessing counterfeit bills and false reporting.

Court records say three $20 bills were passed at the truck stops near Syracuse along Highway 2.

Sheriff’s Deputy Colin Caudill credited Cubby’s and Love’s Travel Center for inspecting bills, including $20 and $50 bills.

Caudill: “Looking for specific differences between a counterfeit bill and a real bill. Most of them appear to be like a photo copy, so it will be shifted on the paper and they’ll have differences within the feel too.”

Deputies reviewed video and kept alert to reports of counterfeit bills.

Bindas had been working on construction of the new hospital prior to his arrest.